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February 15, 2009, 9:34 am
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It was April 2002, 7 years back from now. I traveled first time without my parents. I, with my closest and best friend, Dip, traveled Dinajpur and Nilphamari first time in my life. We were going there on train, the safe interesting, mass, colorful and watchful journey in Bangladesh. We were going through beautiful scenery with the train called Titumir which usually starts its journey from Rajshahi, which is famous for Padma & Pir Shah Mokhdum, to Chilahati. We wanted to go before the day when we really started. But we missed the train on that day because of late arrival in the station. We live in Atrai, Naogaon. Atrai is famous for the great Rabindranath Tagore, who wrote the poem “Amader Choto Nodi” about the branch of river Atrai when he was there at “Potisor Jamidar Bari” at Atrai. He also wrote the poem “Talgach” at that place. I’ve mentioned that because the station is just beside on the blank of the river Atrai. There are two bridges, one for the train and another is for passengers in other vehicles. On that day, I missed the train when I was on the 2nd bridge and the train was just passing through from the railway platform. I was running towards the train to catch but failed. It was my most sad feeling in my life. I just missed my first chance to go outside from my parents independently. One day after, we came again to the platform on time and got the train. When the train started to leave the platform I was feeling most amazing feeling of my life. On the way we stopped few platforms like, Shantahar, Akkelpur, Jaipurhat, Parbotipur, Fulbari etc. and passed a lot other platforms. One platform I can remember especially where the train usually never stops, called Hili. Hili is a border between Bangladesh & India and huge quantity of goods import & export from there in legal way. But there are also illegal way what I saw on the way. On the journey, Dip said “There are a lot of new things you are going to learn and see. You can believe without watching those happening in front of you. You will see the reddish soil-land, one after one paddy-land, minimum 100 Culverts and small rail-bridges, the rail-crossing and how train crosses, the different types of peoples etc. But something you just can’t believe without watching and that is the Hili railway station.” “What actually happens there???” he was asked by me. He said “As per the closest border of India from the railway platform & rail-line of Bangladesh, goods are import & export without the permission from the government in illegal way. For this no taxes have to pay for those products.” And I saw not only exact according to his saying but also more than that. There were also lots of drugs coming through the border Hili. I was astonished when I saw that happened in front of the BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) and they even did not care about it. Why?? I don’t know but guess that they may be took bribe from the illegal importer & exporter. I can give an example of how it has been done. The product is sugar. Indian sugar is cheaper than the Bangladeshi one. So the importer buys it from India with a cheap rate like 16-19 tk per kg. They import sugar in sack on the Hili platform and let it enter the train when train runs slowly. The train driver also related with the business. They put the sugar sack into the toilet in worst situation. Then sugar can distribute to the dealer with 2-5 tk interest. Then the dealer sells it with his interest. After received Dinajpur we went to the “Ramsagar & Kantaji mondir” with my cousin, Ranak, who is in Haji Danesh Science & Technology University. He has good knowledge about cultural heritage of Dinajpur. He said “Ramsagar was established in 2001 as National Park by the government for Picnic spot, Fishing, Rowing etc. It is the largest man made water-tank in Bangladesh which was funded by Raja Ram Nath, after whom the lake is named. The excavation cost 30,000 taka at that time, and about 1.5 million laborers took part in the project. On the other hand, Kantaji Temple was built by Maharaja Pran Nath and its construction started in 1722 C.E. and ended in 1752 C.E. during the reign of his son Maharaja Ramnath. There are also some places of interest in Dinajpur like Shopnopuri artificial amusement park, Ramsagar, Hili Land Port, K. T Complex, Kantanagar Temple, Nayabad Mosque etc.” I’ve experience about the culture of Dinajpur. The people of Dinajpur are very affable and joyful as like most Bangladeshi people. They love to share all their good and bad feelings of mind. Most of them in the city are educated and they have sense of humor. They become pleased by making others satisfied. A lot of variation of food they provide for eating. The rice of Dinajpur is very famous. The weather was pretty good but my friend, Dip, fall in fever for the long journey when we were middle of the journey. But he was very enthusiastic to complete the journey. So we went to the Saidpur in Nilphamari. We were in deep sleep on the way from Dinajpur to Saidpur in bus. When we got up we were not in Bangladesh! We were really afraid!! “Where are we??” I said. “Is that India or Pakistan??” Dip said. Everybody was taking in front of us but we can’t understand. They did not talk in Bengali. Ranak said “This is Saidpur where most of the people usually use Urdu to talk because lots of Bihari live there.” I was confused for a long time and I can’t just believe until met my aunt at her home. She said “Lots of different people with various culture and language live in different location of Bangladesh. They all have individual living diversity. But they all are, at first Bangladeshi.” We returned home a few days later. I thought again and again. I thought deeply. What a great opportunity for me to be a Bangladeshi! I really feel proud of Bangladesh. I salute all the freedom-fighters for their fight which gave us freedom, the real independence. We all are really proud of you all.


mY pOeM!!
November 10, 2008, 10:52 am
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You & me

One & one,

My heart is always open

Don’t leave;

You are magic to me

Please, show me the way to your heart!!

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November 6, 2008, 1:57 pm
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